Course Structure & Scheme of Studies

Scheme of Studies

+2 Science
Subject 1st Year 2nd Year
English 100 100
M.I.L (Oriya / Hindi/Sanskrit / Alt. English) 100 100
Environmental Education (Only for 1st year) 100 100
Physics 100 100
Chemistry 100 100
Mathematics 100 100
Bio / Statistics / Electronics / Computer Science / IT 100 100

Duration of Course

The syllabi for 2 years course of each subject shall be divided into two parts namely 1st year and 2nd year carrying 100 marks each. The college will conduct one examination at the end of the 1st year class of +2 course and the Council will conduct the examination at the end of the 2nd year class of +2 course. The examination at the end of 1st year shall be for 700 marks (including 100 marks for Environmental Education) and the examination at the end of 2nd year shall be for 600 marks covering the curriculum meant for 2nd year alone. Marks secured in the examination to be conducted at the end of the 1st year shall be considered for promotion of students to the 2nd year class. The result of a candidate will be determined only on the performance of the candidate in the Council examination to be held at the end of the 2nd year.

Environmental Education (EE) is a compulsory subject like English and M.I.L. But Environmental Education will be taught only in the 1st year and the college will conduct examination for this subject at the end of the 1st year and grades will be awarded.

The main feature in the new course structure is that all the students shall offer four elective (Previously called optional) subjects. A student can choose these four elective subjects in the following manner. There shall be no extra or fourth optional subject.